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建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

项目名称:建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

Project Name:MIST SPA jianye Tianzhu Flowers all over the ground


Design Unit: Erheyong


Project Creators:YangTao  CaoGang


Project Area:685


Date Of Design: July2020


Completion Date: July2021


Deepening the DesignPeiKeKe DongoShuJun KangXinHua

软装设计:贺  英、阎亚男

Decoration DesignHeYing YanYaNan


Party a Team:Henan Jianye Huammandi Health Management Co., LTD


Construction Team:Shenzhen Wanfeng Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD


Photography:Wang Xinwei


Material:Microcrystalline stone, water painting stone, shadow wood, Chinese black, science and technology wood silver pear

游走于空间中的“情绪”盒子—建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

"Emotion" box in space MIST SPA jianye Tianzhu Flowers all over the ground





 The project is located in Jianye Tianzhu, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is a high-end apartment residential area. From the perspective of commercial operation and customer needs, the design creates a natural business SPA experience space through the deconstruction and reorganization of the space in space planning.

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

整体规划上利用项目东侧的自然植被与东南两侧的建筑开窗来进行迎客空间与功能空间的布局构思,一层、二层、三层的主要区域可分别观赏东侧植被的树干、树枝、树梢部分;内部空间上采用色调的分割方式,形成三种有趣的色彩盒子,增强空间层次与体验感,来分别诠释各区域所传达的空间氛围。同时这种空间特点也为MIST SPA初步从酒店体系到独立商业打下良好基础。

In the overall planning, the natural vegetation on the east side of the project and the Windows on the southeast side of the building are used to carry out the layout idea of the welcoming space and functional space. The main areas of the first, second and third floors can be respectively viewed the trunks, branches and treetops of the vegetation on the east side. Three interesting color boxes are formed to enhance the spatial level and sense of experience and interpret the spatial atmosphere conveyed by each area. This spatial feature has also laid the groundwork for MIST SPA's initial transformation from a hotel system to an independent business.

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA


The wall and the roof of the reception area are unified with pure white microcrystalline stone, such as white skin, warm and smooth, which naturally forms a noble and elegant "white box" welcoming space; Local acrylic atomization gradient of reception desk also becomes the finishing touch of "white box". The public space, composed of rest area, exhibition area and passage, has a sudden change of painting style. The warm grey maple shadow is combined with the calm washed Chinese black, highlighting its very commercial quality of space tonality. The dark "grey box" also enhances the sense of mystery and security of space. "White box" and "grey box" form high and low levels in space, which conflict with each other and merge with each other. Enter the SPA room, it is warm and comfortable "wood color box", by giving the space material can be perceived, wood color wall decorative surface with natural linen fabric, to create a clean, comfortable relaxed atmosphere.

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA

建业天筑花满地水疗MIST SPA


Here, impetuous and noisy can be gently melted by the water; Here, you can see the light slowly touching objects, you can hear the flowers gradually blooming smile; Here, not only the body can be washed, but also the mind; Here, along with the free and easy, there are poems, there are dreams!

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